There must be a balance between chaos and law.

They don't like my friends.


This enables me to see and face my present trouble.


The mountains are beautiful.

It is not good for your health to shut yourself in all day.

I respect all who always give it their best.

Rodent said Sal was too fat.

In autumn, leaves fall from trees.

He was running for re-election.

He died, so we might live.

I'd like to speak to Honzo if I may.

I nodded to show that I agreed.


It gets the job done.


I have a job to do.

I know you're not like that.

Earnie seems a little hesitant.

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Sedovic translated the contract into French.

He occupies a prominent position in the firm.

He is ready to learn anything from anybody.

I'm not calling him.

Don't pressure them.

I offered to help him move.

Stop talking about them.


I haven't eaten anything except one slice of bread all day.

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He will come if you call him.

How does it feel being married to such a beautiful woman?

That girl likes that music.

But take her within, slaves.

Scott greeted Hein in French.

Sometimes I stay three hours in Tatoeba.

It's hard to get good help these days.

Jonas Salk developed the polio vaccine in 1952.

Those countries have maintained peace for twenty years.

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I asked Sergeant if he was busy.

I tried to convince her.

She needs a raise.


Nick was attracted to Dieter from the moment he first saw her.

Niall is eager to help Melinda out.

Andrew didn't know where his family was.

What's necessary?

She was ashamed of her children's behavior.

My cousin is having a baby next month.

Why don't you just meet me there?

He is studying history at the university.

I didn't know whether to stay here or go to London.

I can't go on pretending like nothing happened.

How did Martha find us?

Liyuan told Saad that he didn't have to do anything.

Dean couldn't have made this by himself.


I just got her to sleep.

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Irving might not want to go with us.

A peplum top paired with cigarette trousers is a chic, modern look a girl can wear just about anywhere.

I have a boiled egg for breakfast every day.


We've made a very interesting discovery.


I heard a car outside.

Let me know when it's done.

Anyone can do it if they try.

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Can you take us there?

It'll just be a minute.

She married him the following year.


I want beef, too.

What have we overlooked?

An anonymous caller contacted the police to report a murder.


He had his wife die two years ago.

A Merry Christmas to us all, my dears. God bless us!

He grunted his agreement without looking at me.

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Denis went swimming in the ocean.


Lord asked if I liked Mexican food.

You're new, huh?

I'd like to help you, but I can't.

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The rules aren't important.

We're all going back to Boston together.

He traveled in a special train.

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How about Friday?


I liked to add sentences in Spanish.

Rodger wondered if Anatoly would think that eight in the morning was too early for him to open a bottle of wine.

For all his political activities he was in essence a singer.

Don't get carried away.

When did you realize that?

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His sharp words seemed to hurt her.

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She got so carried away listening to the Beatles that she missed the date with him.

I didn't see it.

I would do many things.

Claire arrived back home safely.

Is it time?

The dog next door kept barking all night.

He was painfully skinny.


None of us knew what to do.


When it comes to war, they are as brave as anyone.


She took thousands of pictures during her trip, but they were all bad.

Do you think Anatoly is making a mistake?

He's good at flying kites.

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The duty must be discharged by every one of you.


I read The Age of Spiritual Machines by Ray Kurzweil in Amsterdam on September 7, 2006.

I helped him clear the table.

Wine is not harmful in itself.

His hair was long last year.

Don't throw in the towel.

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Come back and pick me up later.

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Benjamin did that on his own.

The canteen had not a drop of water left.

Mark wrote a letter to his wife and gave it to Vassili to take to her, and this was what was in the letter: 'When the bearer of this arrives, take him into the soap factory, and when you pass near the great boiler, push him in. If you don't obey my orders I shall be very angry, for this young man is a bad fellow who is sure to ruin us all if he lives.'

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Nate asks me the same question every day.


Kristen turned her back on Amy.

Chuck probably likes it.

Martin was unable to take his eyes off of Thierry.

God only knows if I can live out the 20th century.

The Mediterranean diet seems to be good for our health.

Kari looked at the photograph.

Easter is never mentioned by the Lord or the apostles, nor was it ever observed by the early church!

Ji doesn't like to speak in public.

We'll arrive within the hour.

There can be no joy in that idle life.

He bought this truck from Poland.

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Bob worked as a clerk in the grocery store on Saturday.

It doesn't matter where he comes from.

I will pick up a little something for you.

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You can't read too many books.


I know that Jan rescued me.

He will be ready.

What time is it please?

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I asked them to turn around.

Jochen gave it to us.

Alexis was suspended.

He thinks it's a waste of time.

She tried to conceal her grief at the party.

Margaret didn't know whether he was right or wrong.

He has a common name.


Arnold looked at the clock on the wall.

I agree with you to some extent.

"The Crow and the Fox" is one of the most famous of La Fontaine's fables.

She really is a good lay.

That's no excuse.

Olivier bought a dozen donuts.

Come on, let's see it.

Everyone fell asleep.

There are many airlines in this airport.

Please use the water with economy.

After fortifying the house, no zombie had a chance of getting in.


Large areas of the ocean are polluted.


You know how these things go.

Arriving at the station, she called up her brother.

I'll do as I please.

I don't ever want that to change.

Letter writing is becoming a lost art.


We can do this together.

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You're just the man I want to speak to.

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I felt the house shaking terribly.

We're sorry we've kept you waiting.

I'd rather not waste my time trying to learn a language that I don't need to know.


Has any conclusion been reached?

Tell Diane he's going to have to work late today.

Tell Hy that I'll be calling him.

Don't hold it against me.

Allen never leaves home without his phone.

Remove the bandage.

That'll be fine.